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The data base can be searched by name and synonyms, CAS- and EC number, or part of those. If you cannot find a certain chemical by searching via one option, try the other options.

Acids, hydrides, chlorides, etc. are in the data base divided from the remainder of their name by a space. Therefore as an example "boric acid" will give you a hit, but "boricacid" will not. On the other hand "trialkylboranes" is one word. Thus if you are not certain about the spelling, please try several. The search should not contain any /, * or $ sign or any Greek symbol.

The list of references standards as supplied by the EDQM contains the proposed hazard classifications of some 2550 different medicinal drugs with their main impurities. The EDQM is a part of the Council of Europe and is responsible for the European Pharmacopoeia. The data base contains the internal EDQM reference code, name, signal word(s), pictogram(s), hazard statement(s) and precautionary statement(s). These statement(s) are as yet only by number, while there are no CAS or EC numbers either.

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