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The data base can be searched by name and synonyms, CAS- and EC number, or part of those. If you cannot find a certain chemical by searching via one option, try the other options.

Acids, hydrides, chlorides, etc. are in the data base divided from the remainder of their name by a space. Therefore as an example "boric acid" will give you a hit, but "boricacid" will not. On the other hand "trialkylboranes" is one word. Thus if you are not certain about the spelling, please try several. The search should not contain any /, * or $ sign or any Greek symbol.

The list of pre-registered substances per 25 May 2009 is unique in the sense that it contains the official EC name, EC number and CAS number of more than 146,000 chemicals. EC numbers sub-categorise as follows: EINECS numbers start with a 2 or a 3; ELINCS numbers start with a 4; NLP numbers start with a 5; Substances which had only a CAS number and no EINECS/ELINCS number yet start now with a 6 or 7; Substances without any number now start with a 9. Numbers starting with 6, 7 or 9 are only list numbers, they have no legal significance and should not be used for safety data sheets or similar documents.

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