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The data base can be searched by name and synonyms, CAS- and EC number, or part of those. If you cannot find a certain chemical by searching via one option, try the other options.

Acids, hydrides, chlorides, etc. are in the data base divided from the remainder of their name by a space. Therefore as an example "boric acid" will give you a hit, but "boricacid" will not. On the other hand "trialkylboranes" is one word. Thus if you are not certain about the spelling, please try several. The search should not contain any /, * or $ sign or any Greek symbol.

The data base of registered phase-in substances per 19 May 2012 lists 4268 substances which now have a REACH registration dossier. It contains their official EC name, EC number, CAS number and the type of registration dossier (full, intermediate or disseminated).

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